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I started my treatment in the summer of 6th grade. I was intimidated by what all my friends were saying like, “oh it hurts SOO much!!!” But when the time to put on my braces came, it wasn’t bad at all. Of course it was a difficult week, but after that, it was easy and the people that work there are really friendly and gentle! I am currently in the eighth grade and I am getting my braces off in June. It was an experience I will never forget, and it was hard at times, but it definitely got better, my teeth are really straight, and I am so excited to when I can finally reveal what my teeth will look like. Thank you so much!

I started my journey with Dr Bottala on August of 2015 and I can say that it was the best journey ever to get the perfect smile. From the first visit to the last every assistant was wonderful and guided me with instructions on how to wear my bands and how to fix the wires from poking my cheeks. I enjoyed every color change of my bands. And now that I'm braces free I can smile big and Iwherever I go I get awesome compliments like I love your teeth they're pretty, wow your teeth are super straight! And all thanks to Dr Bottala and his amazing team.

I started coming to Dr. Bottala when I was in 3rd grade and I couldn't recommend him more! I've always received the best care for my teeth. I had braces when I was young until 8th grade. Then unfortunately my wisdom teeth grew in and I had to come back at age 23 to get Invisalign. Dr. Bottala still remembered me! The staff here is kind and always helps take care of all my needs. If you're considering braces, this is a wonderful place!

Very excited to start treatment. I couldn't have picked a better orthodontist. I was a bit nervous beforehand but I was put at ease by the wonderful staff. The office is immaculate, and I appreciate the tv's at each station. Thanks so much!!